Monday, March 23, 2009


this record looks like it is going to be soooooo amazing. something about the parisienne writing and the slick hair and spring suits. i was expecting it to be the secret place that AIR came from, some kind of unspoken awesome slice of synthipop. kind of nearly is. 

but actually isn't at all really. problem is that somebody (and i am guessing the ugly guy who got demoted to an appearance on the inside of the gatefold sleeve only) was obsessed with sounding like theatrical aids-rockers QUEEN.

first song kicks off and i am all 'oh yeah....' and then somebody sounding suspiciously like brian may pipes up with what can only be described as a twattishly dramatic guitar sound destroying the song outright.

it does reign it back in but then by track 2 the singer has got a case of the 'is this a kind of magic's?' and is doing his best impression of the boy mercury.

track 3 is good to go but then wait... grand funk railroad are in the house. it's nothing that can't be forgiven but it's just not what i had expected from those 'fuck you' looking suits on the sleeve. they said 'moody moog music for burning working girls with cigarettes to'.

basically METRO could have ruled if they had reigned in the singer, shot the guitarist and....and is that a fiddle? ... there is an honest to god fiddle solo at the start of side 2. bumming.

this album  is okay at best.

it just tries to hard... are these guys scottish? i think they are scottish? WTF is with the name and the suits if they are scottish. trade description violation surely? i want french accents and the smell of gauloise and dirty, hairy sex. if they are scottish and you put this in to the context of what other bands in scotland were doing at the time this is lousy. SIMPLE MINDS were doing 'life in a day' around the same time these guys were 'news of the night at the day opera'.

definitely not the thing of legend but it looks pretty and i can always put it on EBAY with the word 'BEATS' or 'samples' in the title and sell it for twenty quid cos of the sleeve.

if you want to hear it play an early queen album... and then stab yourself with a plastic fork for playing an early queen album.

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