Tuesday, March 24, 2009


lets get the unpleasant part out of the way. side one of this live album is fucking junk. with the exception of 'cold turkey' it reads like a list of musical 'dont's'....

'blue suede shoes'
'dizzy miss lizzy'

...matters are compounded by the inclusion of eric 'slowhand' clapton  in the line-up. it's dirty, bad dirty.

side two on the other 'slow' hand is this fantastic watershed moment. 

it starts with john lennon addressing he crowd with a note of uncertainty in his voice, 'were gonna let yoko do 'er thing now!' shortly thereafter yoko does ''er thing'.

what makes this side of the album so wonderful is that the crowd are obviously there to hear BEATLES songs or at least watch the boy clapton wank his stratocaster but what they get for the latter part of the set is yoko turning her shit up to eleven.

yoko succeeds in challenging the crowds perception of popular music before the album ends in a hailstorm of feedback and more wailing. 

i like to imagine her standing there just before she starts up looking at the crowd thinking 'right you canadian college boy fucks, i am going to eat you and when i am done eating you i am going to take drugs and have sex with your favorite beatle.'

apparently there is accompanying video footage for this performance as well.

i rate it 47 out of 5.

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