Monday, March 23, 2009


So this is basically that guy with the hair - Manuel Gottsching and somebody called Rosi... probably his girlfriend or something. 

So Ash Ra Tempel... i don't know everything about them but I think it's mostly this guy Gottsching, his hair and a couple of other guys also with hair.

This is one of those 'Cosmic Couriers' records, as in its part of somekind of series of records that says 'Cosmic Couriers' on it with a kind of Sun Ra/Saturn Research looking logo underneath. Again I need to read up more but from what i know the 'Cosmic Couriers' were basically a bunch of crazy drug-loving german guys with thick and luxurious hair trying to make 'space' music. 

Anyway, couple of killers on here, mostly the ones where Rosi sings. The opening track is one of those 'Oh shit, did I really just pay 25 Euros for this from CDandLP just cos of the cover?' moments but once its done sounding like the theme music from 'Top-gear' it picks up.

aAcouple of truly glorious moments on this, plus Rosi is hot and you totally would.

If you want to hear the album go and buy it on record from somewhere...

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