Monday, March 23, 2009


Nico! Nico! Nico!

So i don't know when she died but this is late so I am guessing she fell off her bike shortly afterwards. you only have to look at the sleeve to see that it's been a long few years since she was looking totally hot on the cover of 'Chelsea Girl'.

Anyway, great album. I waited a while to get this for a couple of reasons, first because the 'Nico' writing always looked a bit too 'New Wave' and that concerned me, and second cos its from 81.. Which is in retrospect probably why the 'Nico' font looks so worrying. There's something else about the sleeve, something not...quite....right.

....Shit, i know what it is, it looks just like a Hanoi Rocks album sleeve, 'Girls From Mystery City' or something. I'll post it at some point so i can do a nice compare and cotrast.

Anyway, fucking killer album. the opener 'Ghengis Khan' is the thing of awesomeness. Great Bowie sounding guitar opening before her well worn and life-tired voice kicks in.... Actually the opener is kind of like if Nico had done the theme music to 'Knight Rider'. Wow, imagine that and only instead of David Hasselhof, Knight Rider was actually Lou Reed circa 'Bells'.

'Hello Micheal'.

'Fuck you KITT and don't even think about asking me any questions about the Velvets... Now lets go cruise for gay sex.'

Anyway, this album destroys aside of a couple of cover versions on there that don't stack up too well.

Really nice surprise this.

I should start rating the records i post. if i was rating this it would get a good score.

Again if you want to listen to it go to your local record store and ask for a copy on record.


  1. nico was an amazing artist. your am amateur douche critic. i hope you rot