Thursday, March 26, 2009


there i was in mississippi records in portland OR on an end of the month and totally skint 'i really am just looking today, this is strictly an exercise in browsing' type exercise when i happened across this bad-boy in the racks, 'alvin jones poly-currents'.

i think it was the look on his face that said 'take me home' and after all nothing says 'buy me' quite like a cheeky looking black guy in a leather waist coat accompanied by a very attractive asian lady hiding behind a rock.

...and i would love to know what was going on during the album sleeve shoot, some kind of free jazz game of hide and seek.

'elvin! can you see me? can you see me?'
'shut up woman and hand me my drum sticks.'

'poly-currents' is basically great.

drums... flute, drums!.. drums!.. drums!.. more drums!.. flute!

trumpet!... drums!... cymbals! (i think that strictly speaking cymbals falls under 'drums')

'agenda' the 13 minute 55 second opener says it all really. closer 'whew' is also something of a highlight, nice clean trumpet stabs and subtle brush drums until the saxophone comes in and takes things 'off road.' well worth not eating for a day or two for and as leonard feather the sleeve note guy says:

'time has already told us enough to make the point; all it takes is time expended in listening, carefully and repeatedly, to the music of Poly-Currents and the marvel of Elvin Jones'.

well there the fuck you go.

buy 'poly-currents' dress like a disco bin-man and maybe you to will find an attractive asian lady hiding under a rock, sure beats using

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