Tuesday, March 24, 2009


wowzers! first TG and now SB. in this latest move of awesomeness from god we see SPANDAU BALLET get back together! its as if somebody read my secret wish list of secret wishes.

in all seriousness if they handle this right, ie: not like duran duran did. this could be both very lucrative and well worth a look.

i saw duran duran

'play rio! play rio!'

simon le bon ' hey fellas! let's play 'astronaut!''

and whilst it was a teenage girls wet dream they just didn't seem to understand the basics of a nostalgia based reformation... plus they canned andy taylor again a few months later making the appeal of ever seeing them again about zero.

anyway, tony hadley has promised us a 'new spandau ballet' and given they managed a visual rethink for everyone of at least the first four albums the judges really are out on which way this one might swing.

...just give us leather and fur and make sure you do 'communication'.

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