Wednesday, March 25, 2009


i just re-watched 'house by the edge of the park' which features the above scene and the song 'do it to me (once more)' which i am guessing is by RIZ ORLANDI the guy behind the rest of the soundtrack ... guessing. i could check the titles but i prefer the uncertainty, the mystery.

anyway, sometimes at boring parties or on long car journeys people do that whole 'if you could invite anyone dead or alive to a dinner party....' thing and people always say bullshit stuff like:

my dead grandad, einstein, jesus, pat benetar and john wayne...

fuck that shit. i have my answer right here.

...and i want dancing lessons off of giovanni radice.

for those of you who haven't seen 'house on the edge of the park', go see 'house on the edge of the park'. if you don't want to go and see 'house on the edge of the park' but want to pretend to people that you did see 'house on the edge of the park' so you can look cool at parties i have prepared the below:


lady with short hair and white dress gets raped

brunette with red dress is about to get raped but doesn't and then later decides she wants it anyway

bald black chick says 'hot diggidy'

midget guy with girl hair and tall guy also with girl hair both get beaten up

awesome dancing dude gets stabbed with a straight razor but lives

guy from 'last house on the left' gets shot in the cock and does not live

hot diggidy.

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