Thursday, July 2, 2015


It's funny to be back here again. Not funny 'ha ha' but funny weird. This was one of my locals, no, my one local from the years 2005 - 2008, shortly before I started putting my thoughts on the state of the record shopping word onto virtual paper.

Many a happy time spent here and thanks to the excellent super late opening hours, many a drunk time spent here. This is the one on Burnside rather than the other, equally chock full of wonder one across the river. I used to live a couple of blocks away and would rarely manage to be within 300 feet of the place without slipping in. 

Unfortunately it came in the middle of my discovering the compact disc and most of if not all of my EM purchases were those there CDs.

As you can see, the place goes on forever. There's been a bit of a shift around since my last visit and the part of the store reserved for cheap CDs and world music is now vinyl records.

You have to admire a record store this big that still looks like someone has poured there heart into it. The place comes across as some fantastic after school project that has been decades in the making: Touches or paper mache, music poster collages and the remnants of days gone by when such shops were common hunting grounds for the young and old alike and the kind of place you'd as soon visit a as a hair dressers. Whilst there was nothing spectacular in here I did come away with a copy of the Sunn / Scott Walker 'Soused' album.

I am supremely jet lagged as I walk around and feel a lot like one of those zombies stuck in the shopping mall from Romero's first Dawn of the Dead... I don't know why I am there, I just remember it from a former life.

Eventually I get it together enough to pay and manage to lurch out into the obligatory rain with bacon and pancakes on my mind.

Anyway, good to be back, albeit briefly and great to see that some things haven't changed...

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