Thursday, July 2, 2015


Now what a treat. The new, improved, re-located Mississippi records. Last time I was here, it was elsewhere (on Mississippi ave.). Now it's relocated a few blocks away to a slightly more residential part of the city. Given the commercial route that it's former home has taken I am assuming that the move was financially driven.

Either way, as you can see from the blurry picture above (hand shaking due to excitement) they have managed to acquire a lot more space. Decent 'wall hanging' for one. The old magic of used hifi and audio world flotsam is still there but it isn't in danger of taking over the more important black plastic stuff.

My pictures looked a lot better on my phone. Luckily I dropped it in a swimming pool a few weeks back so any other record shop based reportage should be of a slightly higher, less Omaha beach landing looking standard.

Again I didn't come away with anything, partly because I had a friend in tow who was good enough to drive me there in the first place and partly because I had already smashed my baggage allowance courtesy of purchases and the fuck tonne of records I'd had delivered to my former New York office address. had the proverbial sack been empty. No doubt I'd have happily emptied my bank account here.

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