Thursday, July 2, 2015


I Write this with a tear in my eye... At least I think it's at tear. It could be the spittle of an over enthusiastic punter enquiring about Manga DVDs. Either way. It's happened. Almost 20 years to the day since it opened the Soho branch of London's moodiest chain of used records stores MVE, has closed.

This saddens me partly because it will no doubt turn into another artisanal coffee shop with a leg of ham in the window with a number instead of a name. But also because I used to work here. Oh how I delighted in being able to proudly lay claim to being one of those moody cunts. Friends for life were made, stash bags the size of Venus were pawed over and first, second or third dibs on everything that came through the door were mine.

Above and below you can see the glorious flashing sign in full working order. It also used to say 'ROCK'

Below is my dear friend Rob. I recently had a dream in which he was trying to sell me the benefits of high end sun cream. This did not actually happen. Rob likes to cycle. behind him you can see some half decent records including an over priced? Copy of Richard Hawley's 'Cole's Corner' (150quid).

I now realise I have fallen into the trap of talking about the pictures rather than saying anything meaningful about anything. Please bare with me. I have not actually written anything beyond work based bullshit emails for over a year.

So memories of the Berwick Street branch of MVE?


The used needles and human shit that littered the emergency exit on receiving and making deliveries.

Buying amongst things a copy of Bad Brains 'Rock For Light'.

Buying the entire back catalogue of Magma records and then selling them back, buying a kack-load of first press Kraut action and keeping them.

Good times. Good times.

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