Thursday, July 2, 2015


No, really. This actually happened. Sister, her kids, a yearning for fish and chips courtesy of a local freakish inland seaside town and hey presto. I bought records. Completely unexpected. So to contextualise a little about Matlock Bath. It's a town, in the Peak District famous for something like being home of Biswold Crowshaw inventor of the Twerping Snape circa 1756. It sits right next to plain and non-Bath 'Matlock'. As in US TV detective of the mid-80s. As a town it's unusually wonderful because it shares it's architecture and mood with seaside favourites such as Bognor, South-end and Scarborough. Ice cream, candy floss, arcades and swathes of bikers every Sunday. I love the place.

Aside of the made up Twerping Snape (an imaginary device for washing primitive latrines) Matlock Bath is also famous for it's climbing, the fact that it has a cable car (seriously), a midget themed fun park of broken climbing frames and such called Gulliver's Kingdom... Oh and there's also the thousands of Victorian waifs brutalised and murdered in them there cotton mills. You know, the ones in the books, the books by the dead guys. The buildings are still there and being used to sell you discounted walking gear.

But enough of my rambling. I found the below:

A crate of 7" singles containing the theme from Breakdance (Nice). Note traditional telephone minus dial panel and inner workings.

This actual record shop. Not a paen to first lady of 'Rapness' Spindarella but rather a shop that sells not only records but also frocks. Something for the ladies then. No more shall you be cast to the 'sitting stool' by the door or wander angrily around crap town centres.

There were record players in the window, just incase you were under unsure of what the black round things inside were. I'm a big fan of clarity. See below for actual, honest to god records in the last place you'd expect to see them...

Okay Maggot Brain is a recent reissue and 'The Doors' is a late 80s bar coded version BUT whatever. Good fucking job that man. I had a chisel bought the entire Queen section, no, not because I hate myself but rather to move on at a later point.... And maybe to listen to 'Fat Bottomed Girls' backwards. Anyway, on the walk back to plain old Matlock I took a detour through some woods, as you do. And found this:

Obviously some fucked up Blair Witch style worship stick mound... Or a pyre for witch burning. Or both. Either way, very cool. From there I moved on to shops in Matlock which were a bit rubbish. See the heavily used John Lennon album, note the pricing (18.00GBP)

And to end it all a view from a pub.

Lovely stuff. 

This actually happened last summer but I have no idea how to order or organise postings so you will be getting information in reverse, Miss World order. 

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