Thursday, July 2, 2015


So back again after eight years. I love this shop yet I have a massive issue with spending money here. Why is that? I'm usually a fan of the full to the rafters approach to stock management and the shock to the senses that you get when you walk in courtesy of the explosion of band logo shirts and such is the kind of thing I make a detour to experience. I actually think that it's USP, the shirts is also the store's downfall...

The shirts spiral up into there rafters facing each and every direction. By the time you have finished browsing these, it's impossible not to, you are crook necked and dizzy. Noted, I am not a roller coaster goer and my advancing years have seen me avoid playground roundabouts due to motion sickness issues but to get it from a record shop, wow, that's special. 

This place has never had the level of used stock that you might expect, although there are exceptions. I should have left here with a copy of the EG Records press of the first Lounge Lizards album but it was my first purchase of the day and it would have been lonely and inevitably bent by the time bar hopping came around.

Oh the bar hopping... Shout outs and love to Scooters and the Olympic.

Anyway, this is the one and only record shop in the old town, if you live in Portland you know it. If you don't it's not far from the route of the 'Rose Parade' made famous by the late, wonderful and eternally dreary Elliot Smith.

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