Thursday, July 2, 2015


Exiled records! Yeah! So I got up there early and straight from a disappointing trip to Crossroads Records, where I'd literally waited outside for the guy to open. It's a few blocks out of town up Hawthorn but the walk stopped me falling asleep or drinking anything.

The problem started when I realised I had another twenty minutes to kill before it opened. Jet-lag shits had kicked in and I was a time bomb of exploding brown. I made it to a cocktail bar (Astro Lounge?... ASStro Lounge) just in time. The shadow of relief still touches me. Hands washed and smiling I whistled my way to Exiled. I hadn't been here before, I wrongly assumed it was a Punk only type place so gave it a swerve.

As you can see from the below, I was mistaken. Indie, Experimental, Electronic, Jazz, Weirdness... and some Punk. Stock was mostly new but I still managed to get excited enough to pick up about half a dozen records including some earlier Grouper releases, that Crime comp on Superior Viaduct and something else with a brown sleeve.

I didn't buy that record by the wrestler that that Greg guy from the Wipers plays on because it was actually broken in two.

The guy who ran it was really helpful and good enough to fill me in on some of the comings and goings of Portland's finest records stores. He reminded me if Kieran Hebden of Fridge / Four Tet, but for this and the hanging sleeveless records in the window, I shall forgive him.

Anyway, great shop this. I'd happily have it as my local, rather than the reggae shop that has a 'rock and pop' section consisting of bruised and battered latter day Fleetwood Mac albums and little else.

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