Saturday, November 28, 2009


So during the course of today's exercise my readership has actually reduced by a staggering 10%, conceeded there were only ten 'readers' at the beginning of the day but that is still the kind of loss you don't want to highlight in a pie chart beaming onto the boardroom wall. Maybe I need to be doing more swearing? Less self analysis and more talking about music. Pretty sure I could treble the readership if I refocussed the content to included my second hobby of compulsive pornography viewer. 'Records I am listening to on my record player and pornography I am watching on the internet.' ... Might actually be something in that, just need to work on the title.

Day drawing to a close I am coming face to face with an old nemesis, Pink Floyd. I haven't got as far as giving 'Dark Side of the Yawn' or 'Two Guys Shaking Hands one of Whom is on Fire' a go yet... That is going to have to take a hostage situation. Yes 'Shine on You Crazy Diamond' is a great song in parts but you have to get past 'Money' (A Dire Straits B Side at best) to reach the payback...

Anyway, here we are, just me and the cow sleeve. First off, props for the sleeve, its exceptionally good, not a million miles from VU with Nico. I also have to take my hat off to Pink Floyd for opening the album with a side long track, yes the sleeve suggests it is cut into digestible segments for easy consumpion but this isn't really the case. The title track is totally listenable light atmospheric prog, nothing revolutionary but nothing offensive either: Horns, drums, wailing vioices, orchestra in that order.

Side 2 starts with 'If' and it's a nice acoustic number. I would love to know where my contempt for this band came from. It is totally without reason and may in fact be based no small part on the fact that Roger Waters face makes me feel physically sick. Yep, 'If' isn't a bad song at all. Summer 68' is along the same lines, although I get the impression that tempo wise this record is going to stick to second gear.

My earlier enthusiasm for turning the days sales around is now completely gone with thet day. It is dark out side and I am all alone with 18Euros in takings. 'Fat Old Sun' was nice and the albums closer 'Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast' has just crackled into life...

So conclusion. I could quite happily fall back into the record shop life, the downside would be that it is what it is. No promotion, pay rises or scope for self-betterment. The plus side, as always is that you are the filter, first flick through the bins and pick of the used stock. The big issue of course, were I to come back to this would be the burning question: If my job suddenly becomes what I do with my spare time, what do I do with my spare time other than max out hobby number 2?

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