Saturday, November 28, 2009


Okay so it looks like the record player is, for now at least back up and running. Personally I can't think of a better way of celebrating the fact than seeing what this sounds like. I am for obvious reasons full of anticipation here. This is where Paul's very own Yoko get's to flap her wings (Wings! Get it?). Linda's musical history is forever tainted by the isolated sound desk tapes of her 'backing singing' that did the rounds in the late 80's. This in mind I am expecting something as wonderful as the Shaggs here...

Record shop wise, I am all alone. A man in his earlz 40's came in asking for Heavy Metal, specifically W.A.S.P. unfortunately I had to dissappoint him. I could have pointed out the White Lion CD I came across earlier but it would have been a futile exercise.

So Linda, you are washing over me. Not necessarily in a bad way, but I had been expecting something a little more jarring. As it is it's just poor to average Wings with a lady singer. 'Wide Prairie' the title track was the only real 'holy fuck' moment and that didn't last long enough.

Oh okay, the local crate digger just came in and put something on I absolutely had to hear. It wasn't very good.

Linda is back on now. Side ends with 'Seaside Woman'. I had thought this might be coming home with me as a talking point, an aural car crash but truth be told it isn't bad enough. Wait, 'Oriental Night Fish' the first song on side 2 is getting there... I mean, what the fuck is an 'oriental night fish'?

'Endless Days' is nice, it has a kind of bedroom recorded school girl innocence. Infact I like it so much it goes on again, not least so I don't have to sit through her life-sucking version of 'Poison Ivy'. Shit in a handbag if we didn't just stray dangerously close to Dainel Johnston terrirory! The song 'Cow' starts out with a bontempi, 50p drum machine and vocals to match, sadly Macca comes in and demonstrates his proficiency as a guitar player and in doing so goes some way to upsetting the apple cart.

Christ it's quiet in here. 2.02 and still not a single sale... Unless you count the short lived glory days of DVD man and the 4Euros he ponied up only to demand a refund twenty minutes later - At least I think he wanted a refund. I speak no German.

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