Friday, November 27, 2009


I wanted to do something special to celebrate that all important 80th anniversary. According to the internet In wedding terms I would be celebrating my 'oak' anniversary, which is interesting. I would have guessed at some precious stone above diamond, but no, coffin wood it is. Anyway, I got to thinking, I should review a Black Oak Arkansas album or something or other to do with wood, but then I thought, 'no, that's a shit idea'.

Then as luck would have it something truly wonderful happened...

I got asked to cover in my local record shop in Nuremberg, Copacabana. This will be my first day behind the counter of a record shop in almost a decade and the prospect is nothing less than truly fucking exciting. Add to this the fact that I quite literally do not speak a word of German and we have a reciepie for what can only be fun times.

So, I will, internet willing conduct a live update complete with reviews throughout the day, l know, just like the Guardian football coverage right?

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