Saturday, November 28, 2009


I forgot to mention in my last log the reason for it's running late. Didn't have a password for the computer.

Anyway, by this point the record player has inexplicably stopped working and I can't find the lights for the back of the shop. I suffered through more Steve Windwood/Traffic than any man should have to. I had been under the impression that I needed a copy of 'John Barleycorn...' but beyond the drums and flute of 'Freedom Rider' it really is a nothing record.

A man selling advertising space in a music based A5 comes in smelling of soup. It is good to know that this particular record shop customer aroma is a global phenomenon. One day when a cure for AIDS and cancer are done and done they will invest scientific time into finding out exactly why record shops and this particular aroma go hand in hand.

After much scurrying through the less than inspirational CD racks A copy of the Popol Vuh album 'Hosianna Mantra' may well be my salvation...

Oh. Okay. Utterly dissapointing. And this one has got that Japanese looking bird Djong Yun singing on it aswell. It's just a bit, 'meh', heard it all before. The 'Space age' nuances that make much of Popol Vuh's work so appealing just aren't here. The quasi-religious sub text is something off a turn of and... hmmm, okay, 'Nicht Hoch Im Himmel' is a nice track but for on a whole it's a bit paper thin, flimsy... a bit Enya. You hear me Krautrock hipsters? I said Enya. How do you like them apples? Try putting 'Orinoko Flow' on your next mix tape.

Communication breakdown update - There is now a large man with a brown coat sat on a stool next to me, behind the counter rooting through stacks of DVDs. I have no idea who he is or how he got there. All I know is that he really fucking likes the DVDs.


  1. I have to disagree with you, so-called Backshot. It's an absolutely beautiful piece of music – give it another go for me. I'll dig it out and play it now, in fact. Good to see you behind the counter again, though, Soup-man.

  2. okay - will deffo try this again but only if you rock some Clannad. was good. brief but kind of like getting a massage.