Saturday, November 28, 2009


This could turn into somekind of endurance blogging, a veritable marathon of typing reviews of records, CDs rather that I really don't want to be listening to. This in mind I reserve the right to abandon 'Operation:Record Shop' without prior notice, not least because up to now my day reallty isn't worth writing about.

DVD man is gone. He took with him a DVD of Lawrence of Arabia. He seemed to like 'Legal' by Gal Costa a lot more than I do, his head shook aprovingly with the opening notes. For me, up to now it's bitty, jazzy and much like my day, dull as the proverbial dishwater. Pointless.

I suppose that if I had mental problems and more time on my hands this real time reviewing could be the way forward, my compulsively catalogging my each and every listen by means of a review for no reason other than I can't not do.

Oh, okay. DVD man just came back and returned his copy of 'Lawrence of Arabia'. Awesome.
I think a prostitute just walked past, the red light district is just around the corner. I had forgotten the simple pleasures of staring off out of a shop window on a quiet day. Oh there goes DVD man again, something in the window of the underwear store opposite has caught his eye... A potential purchase? No.

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