Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This album is proof positive that when a band stops pretending to be robots they can do something that stands the test of time...

Okay not the complete test of time becuase that probably involves some intricate mathematical equation taking into consideration the dark and lonely infinity of space but 'Red Line' sounds way better in 2009 than what came before (the good but dated Futureworld) and after it (the very dreadful TA).

They still lapse into spats of 'I'm a robot' stype singing, rigid and klangtonesque keyboards but every now and again theres something on 'Red Line' that can't help but make TRANS AM sound like an honest to god band. The drums for instance, theres some awesome tribal-circle stick work going on here and the synthesisers are used in a way that doesn't mean you feel post modern or ironic for listening to them.

I wonder what would happen if say there was a band of robots pretending to be real people? Actually that would probably be really shit and a lot like the JONAS BROTHERS.

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