Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So according to more than one review this is Brazilian psychedelic folk genius. It is also supposed to be somekind of pagan celebration of the black arts. I like it, it's got an awesome sleeve and even has a little devil's face on the label which you can watch as it spins round...

It's sunny outside and if the weatherman is to be believed (let's hope he's not an over enthusiastic reviewer of Brazilian music) then Summer is finally here and it's about fucking time. Winter was endless, Spring was again non-existent, add to that the fact that the first world seems to be falling apart and I need to be swimming in a river somewhere nice and warm more than ever. Right now even one of those 'Do Not Swim Here - Danger of Drowning' rivers would do... the ones with the reeds that get entwined with your legs and pull you under, the ones with the sharp and rusty old cars at the bottom waiting to gash a major artiery, the ones with the killer fish like in that film about the killer fish...

I read somewhere that this guy (Lula Cortes) made his own instrument which would go some way to explaining why it sounds like he's playing a broken guitar/sitar. I can imagine the recording session, all two hours of it.

Niw ni niw ni ni ni niw ni niw ni n niw niw ni niw... And home in time for lunch.

This record is over romanticised because not many people have a copy, the psych enthusiasts who big 'Satwa' up probably do so to justify the inflated price they paid for it. Don't get me wrong, I like it, it's very listenable but psychedelic folk genius? You can't bat that kind of wordige around, if you do what adjectives are you supposed to use to describe INCREDIBLE STRING BAND?

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