Saturday, May 16, 2009


That I have time to write this on a Saturday says a lot of things, is it that I lead an empty life or have an unstoppable obsession? On this occasion I will go with option one. Today I am feeling one dimensional, doubting the path that I have chosen. If there was an afterlife, if we really were judged in some kind of spiritual rapture: The worthy ascending to a life of cloudy happiness the failed cast out forever left to live out their days in the knowledge that they have been rejected by some colossal planet shitting god... I wonder where I would end up? Would the giant bearded cybertron view this, my life as one well spent or would he laugh his humungous mouth in my face and leave me behind with the rejects?

The part of me that is attempting to defend this thing that I do, a time consuming obsession close to out of hand but never as of yet damaging would say that we few, we merry band of record obsessed idiots are seeing the world from a far richer perspective than many others. We are immersing ourselves in a facet of popular culture to a degree that will have baring on our ever day lives, arming ourselves with 2oth century reference points that can only serve to improve our understanding of that which surrounds us...

The other part of me, the devil on my shoulder tells me that for every day I have spent obsessing about some record or other, wandering aimlessly around some record shop or city, scouring the internet, for everyday I have wasted in this manner I will be forever haunted with reminders of what I could have done with that time: rock climbing, country walks,  cycling, white water rafting, exhilarating pass times that don't involve shuffling through bleak second hand shops on the off chance that some black plastic holy grail might peek from behind yet another top of the pops album and show itself.

Today I am retrospective, today I am melancholy. Today I am listening to 'Kangaru' by GURU GURU. I managed to pick up a clean copy on Thursday night after years of looking for one at a reasonable price. It starts well, 'Oxymoron' the opener brings to mind TORTOISE, a healthy sounding slide guitar gives way to some nice Krautrock wanderings. The second track is a winner as well as long as you can forgive the frustrating fairground ride sounding guitar solo. Track one side 2 and GURU GURU are HAWKWIND. Nice effect on the voice, kind of an echo, obvious guitar but a nice repetitive chug that ensures simplicity wins out to the noodling that is always just around the corner. 'Baby Cake Walk' turns into the albums closer 'Oooma Gooma' and it's back to a more comfortable tempo, nice bit of repetition and some piano. Four songs is a perfect length for an album. It ensures the tracks are substantial but not over-baring...

'Kanguru' is a good album, I enjoyed listening to it... But has it enriched my life? Has it provided me with a glimmering knowledge that will allow me to now see every day events with a wisdom that was not there previously? Seriously, I have no fucking idea.

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