Monday, May 25, 2009


So it would seem that North Korea is now a legitimate 'Nuclear Power', it has joined the arms race, albeit the little leagues. According to the newspapers the country now has the where with all to strike against South Korea and Japan, maybe both at once if it was feeling particularly saucy.

This really is a minor revelation next to discovering that BILLY JOEL is lead singer and organ grinder of Attila ...I thought these fuckers were Dutch, it would seem not. They certainly sound Dutch.

Anyway, Attila: At worst they sound like THE SWEET having unconcentual sex with DEEP PURPLE in a dirty men's toilet. At best they sound like THE SWEET having unconsentual sex with DEEP PURPLE in a dirty men's toilet. 

At times they get close to greatness but at separate times either a desperate willingness to sound conventional or the professionalism of Joel's voice stop proceedings short. Not to sell the band short, at different times Atilla are 'kicking your faces in' and 'hiding their weed'....wait, i think they are spitting on me now.... and apparently the future singer of 'Uptown Girl' is a phoenix rising from the flames.

Plus there's the record sleeve: Two longhaired dour faced ancient warriors hangin' tough in a warehouse full of meat. 

The last track on side 1: 'Amplifier Fire - Part II - March of the Huns' has it's charms and with the aid of some druid like moaning almost nails it, as does 'Rollin' Home' Side 2's opener.

There's just something a little staged about the whole thing almost as if two trust fund boys have been given a shot at the big time by their label owning uncle and in order to make the most of this golden opportunity they concoct an insane MSP, something to endear them to the kids....

'Dude! I know! the kids love Attila the hun! The kids love meat! The kids... erm, the kids love organs. I think our shit is totally coming together, let's stop at the fancy dress shop on the way to the studio.' 

Anyway, however it happened, it happened and this spectacular and mostly forgettable misfire was born.

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