Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Wow! so Phil Spectrum creator of the early 80's super computer, battery powered idiot cart and collector of awesome wigs is GOING DOWN for 20 to 10 in the pen!

...Wait, I just Googled this guy and it turns out he's actually somekind of musical alchemyst from yesteryear, an American Joe Meek if you will. Ha! Only kidding, I knew that already, I was just fucking with you. Fucking with your head...kind of like Phil Spectrum did in the above pictures. i can picture the verdict:

'Mr Spectrum, you have been found guilty of murder, with a gun...to the face, of a woman. the maximum sentence for this crime is death but given your awesome and ever changable hair I have recommended that this sentence be reduced to life imprisonment, Monday through Friday, giving you the weekends to go see your wigmaster in order to continue the now rich tradition of blowing peoples minds with your choice of hairpiece.'

'Thankyou your honor, you are as fair as you are wise.'

I honestly thought this guy was untouchable given the proverbial bullets he has dodged in the past but it appears not.

What really saddens me is the fact that the last thing he did, the cherry on his proverbial producers cake was his work with musical abortions STARSAILOR. I wonder if they will let him work from prison?

Anyway, good luck in there Phil Spectrum, can't wait to hear that wall of sound now theres barbed wire on top of it and guard towers at either side.


  1. dude

    this is the picture of phil to beat all pictures;

    wall of motherflicking sound!!


  2. dude

    can i also say how little fun it is to post a comment? you type it in then you have to type a little password. then they say 'not processed'. then you try again. then you have to type a password. then it works. slick as slick rick.

    liverpool are out of the champos league togger tournament. i am not happy.