Thursday, April 23, 2009


For some unknown reason we are in the middle of a trend that sees a positive re-appraisal of everything Abel Ferrara ever did. Well I call 'bullshit' on the Guardian, Mark Kermode and every body else. Ferrara is not a good film maker: His work is not dark broody, challenging and atmospheric, it is poorly lit, badly acted and dull. Before I remind myself this site is supposed to be about music let me throw a 'fuck you!' out there to Werner Herzog as well.

Right rant over, what is the end scene from Ferrara's instantly forgettable rape-o-revenge movie Ms.45 (also known as 'Angel of Vengeance') doing here?

It's here because of the awesome Halloween party scene!

I have no idea who the band is or who wrote the music and rather than do any kind of real research I will merely speculate. The band might be MIGHTY DON LIEDEN AND THE 3RD DEGREE BURNS and the song could be called 'Piranha.'

Either way I would shoot myself in the leg to be invited to a No Wave Halloween party as awesome as this one.

I used to have an original Warner 'big box' VHS tape of this film, I got lucky and found a copy for a few quid at a now extinct video rental store in Halesowen. At the time it was particulary hard to come across due to it being refused certification. Anyway, It got played a couple of times while I was at college specifically because of this end scene, the dancing skeletons, the moody nun but mostly the killer saxomophone attack!

If anybody does have any information on who the band really is, please keep it to yourselves. The truth will never be as kick ass as the MIGHTY albeit imaginary DON LIEDEN.

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