Thursday, April 9, 2009


I think if I was a robot I would like this even more.

The best way of describing it might be ‘Space aged Tubular Bells done by slightly angry sounding Germans’.

Why does it sound like a space aged Tubular Bells? Because it was made by awesome German robot-men with a penchant for phaser-heavy ambient electronic soundscapes.

Why are the German’s slightly angry sounding? In 1978 the year of the album’s release Germany was a seriously fucked up place, bang smack in the middle of the ‘Iron Curtain’ chapter of country’s history and only months away from a summer of terror at the hands of the Baader Meinhof gang. A vast majority of those responsible for the Third Reich would still be alive and the ‘apologist’ era would be in full swing.

Edgar Froese and Klaus Schulze the group’s most prominent players were members of Germany’s first post war generation. That is as I am sure you will agree some seriously heavy shit.

Perhaps then heavy shit is what is needed to produce good music. Perhaps lack of heavy shit can be cited as a reason for the endless stream of wretched and pointless guitar music that washes up like vomited from the shores of Great Britain? Maybe if we had just got our asses kicked and the world hated us THE CRIBS, THE KOOKS, THE ARCTIC MONKEYS and all their acne skinned, twat haired and gym pump wearing counterparts might not sound so secondary and pointless. The inherent shame and guilt by geographical association might be reason enough for these idiots to do something believable and new.

Sadly, short of becoming a cult of personality, instigating an ambitious land grab with a nice sideline in ethnic cleansing there is little I can do to fix the great British music scene.

Cyclone is consistent, three songs long and well worth the three Euros I paid for it.

I’m pretty sure that ‘Bent Cold Sidewalk’ the album’s opener was originally called ‘Brent Cross Sidewalk’ after the London shopping center.

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