Monday, April 20, 2009


According to his website this was originally called 'Lindstrom Likes Them Boobies part 2' but in yet another attempt to suppress Lindstrom's party loving 'frat boy' image his record company insisted he change it. They seem to be in genuine fear of the truth reaching the hip 'new ambient space disco avanteurs' or whatever the dance music in-crowd is calling themselves this week. The truth that much like Kid Rock, Lindstrom can drink at least fourteen Heinekens is apparently not something that would sit well with the dance music chin rubbers.

I was also lucky enough to see out takes from the photo session that the sleeve shot came from, they are further revelation. In the three negatives taken before the shot they settled upon (above) Lindstrom has his track top undone to reveal a LIMP BIZKIT shirt. Add to that his well concealed 'Party Cake Forever!' tattoo (no I have no idea what that means either) and the real Lindstrom, the one I know, couldn't be further from the DJ hype magazine friendly one portrayed to the disco boogie woogie masses.

It's a lot like seeing those smiley happy pictures of Oasis, the ones taken before their photographer had the idea to make them into the mono-browed sneering volcanos of Northern attitude that we all know and erm...know, or like the revelation that NWA's (Nigger's With Attitude and not North Western Airlines) manager was a white Jew. In all cases, some of the magic dust has been forever vacuumed away.

But would the ability to make those pictures of Lindstrom and Fred Durst hanging out at a titty bar mystically vanish into the ether make this album any less awesome? Probably not.

Lindstrom delivers, Lindstrom always delivers, he's like a musical paper boy, he know's what we want. We want the soundtrack to a 70's soap about doctors who used to be in love but aren't anymore and who in an attempt to forget themselves go on endless trips in east european car's to foggy destinations by rivers made out of Campari. He delivers this, just like I for a very brief period in the mid 80's delivered the news. Unlike me, Lindstrom does not however quit after a week and owe the paper shop three pounds forty due to mis-deliveries.

I think if Lindstrom called me up and said:

'Hey! If I let you change one thing about my new album what would it be?' 

I would say,

'Hey Lindstrom! That's a good question. I think the one thing I would change would be the size of the album...I would make it slightly bigger.'

'What you mean like 13"'

'No Lindstrom you panty stealing partyboy idiot, I mean make it a triple album with maybe four additional slightly shorter tracks, y'know, material that could act as a way in for some, a compromise for others and appeasement for the dance music idiots who want to 'play you out'...and some sleeve notes, I have a genuine desire to read about what you are doing... but not in a gay way.'

And Lindstrom would be all like

'So do you wanna do a bong shaped like the leaning tower of Piza?'

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