Friday, January 15, 2010


Above: Stamford Prison Experiment (The actual experiment, not the band)

I have decided it is time to try and take things to the next level, to go some way to explaining away man’s fascination with vinyl records in more scholastic terms. In order to do this I have approached various people and asked them to answer a series of questions in a loose interview format: The idea being that this examination or dissection if you will might reveal enough about ‘us’ to piece together some kind of rough behavioural study.

It is my quest to learn more about man’s seemingly incurable love of record shopping, where does it come from? Why does it invoke such single mindedness, such passion in people? And just as importantly why does it command such completely blank stares from the uninitiated, the ones who this phenomenon has passed by?

This in mind starting this week I will begin my journey to enlightenment starting with a series of questions answered honestly by myself. Following this I will be attempting to get under the skin of a number of record ‘collectors’ (Fuck I hate that word) and musical types for the greater good of mankind and along the way, who knows? I might even find a cure for this ludicrous behaviour.

AIM: To learn more about record obsessives and ultimately to discover why people become addicted to record shopping/hoarding records

HYPOTHESIS: I don't know what a 'Hypothesis' is, I thought it was a kind of triangle

EQUIPMENT: Email, blog, fingers, records

PROCEDURE: Engage with similarly affected/infected subjects, monitor symptoms and cause

SAFETY/RISKS: Potential risk of buying more records

RESULTS: Publish periodic interviews with subjects for digestion and discussion

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