Friday, January 15, 2010


'Wont somebody help me please.'

I know Fredrick Knight has nothing to do with this record, (although I think they are both on Stax) this was actually more of a genuine cry for help.

I got rid of my copy of 'Up Tight' less than two months ago. It was a reissue I bought on holiday in Spain, again with my mate Nathan. On this occasion the event sticks in mind not because of the record shop but because of the fact that we ended up getting stuck in the town of Gerona after somebody misread a bus time-table. Anyway. 'Up Tight' goes out... Then yesterday, guess what? 'Up Tight' comes back in. So that's great but can I ask why? Yes, because this time it's a shiny U.S First press with a nice pasted on back sleeve and it smells great.

Unrelated I am now thinking about tapas and red wine and wishing that the hills of northern Spain were outside my window rather than what looks like an Anton Corbijn Joy Division photo shoot. Jesus Christ this place is miserable.

Anyway, I didn't really want to let my re-issue go but it was sticking out like a sore thumb, very much in the same way that that Doroty Wotsit record is now doing the same thing, so into the 'Out Pile' it went. Then yesterday having run through the snow to my local record shop like a child chasing the travelling circus I found this on the counter ready to be priced. After a brief internal wrestle, reminding myself that I didn't need to become a Stax completist, not least because 'Lena Zavaroni' put out a record on the label, I decided I needed it back.

Nice cheery chat and fifteen Euros later... oh okay sixty (I also managed to accidentally buy the fourth Blue Cheer and Archie Shepp's 'The Magic of Ju Ju') I was back at home with this on my record player and filling my room. 'Time is Tight' is great, it's THE clever funeral record of choice, starts with an almost sombre and very bluesy organ and works it's way into something every bit as Desert boot shuffling and Mod as 'Green Onions'. Can't think of much better to play a coffin down the aisle. Then there is 'Tank's Lament' great song, but not as good as the main reason for me needing this back which is 'Johnny I Love You' the opener. 'Guy on Guy' Sweet soul music of the highest order. Great song.

Not a perfect album by a long shot but definitely something I am glad is back on my shelf. Anyway, enough of that. Back to dreaming of eating Chorizo and drinking a glass of Rioja the size of my face.

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