Thursday, August 13, 2009


So the good news is that Thom Yorke (I believe pronounced Tee-Hom York-E) of Radiohead has announced that the band will not be recording any more albums!

The champagne was already flowing accompanied by a ticker-tape filled sky and celebrations akin to those of V-E Day by the time I got to the end of the article and discovered that they would sadly still be recording singles and EPs.

There's always a rub. That said the gesture is appreciated Tee-Hom so thank you very much... And I mean that with all sincerity.

I haven't always hated Radiohead... Wait, yes I have. From the sub-Seattle scene Oxfordian wailings of Pablo Honey right through to whatever papp they squeezed out in honor of that dead soldier last week. So what's my beef with Radiohead?

Is it Thom's hair? His wonky eye? His endless wailing, the fact that his mere appearance on P J Harvey's 'Stories from the City...' album stopped it being the best thing she had ever done and is the reason I have to program my CD player to ommit his contribution whenever I play it? Is it the fact that they they are a foul derivative cut and paste of a band, the musical equivalent of Quinten Tarantino. Yes it is.

But most of all it's the ammount of column inches that the press (music and legitimate news media) feel compelled to dedicate to them. They have become the 'alternative'/indie band of choice, the band to name-drop if you need to come across as serious about music down the pub. Whilst my finger is not on the pulse of contemporary alterative music like it once was, I have to believe that there are people out there more deserving of the mindless adoration that seems to greet this band across the board.

Unrelated - There are people I work with who wear hat's to work that really shouldn't, anyway this blog is strictly not about hats, it's about music, records more specifically which brings me neatly(ish) to that thing what I listened to last night.

I bought my copy of 'Biotop' in 1998, it was a tenner from Music and Video and although it sounds like a type of milk it does not in fact have anything to do with dairy baded products at all. I played it once and unimpressed placed it firmly in the outpile. So why is it still here? It's on German label Sky for one, plus you never see it and c'mon, you gotta love that sleeve.

I gave it go again last night and it is still average at best. At times it does tick the quirky electronica box but there isn't a single track on there I would pull out and choose to play in isolation, not a single stand out. I just sat through the entirety asking myself if I thought it was going to get any better and if not why I was bothering.

When it was done it found it's way again to my outpile, where despite it being less than average in ever respect I suspect it won't stay for long.

Unreltated - The person that I work with who should not wear a hat is a girl and she is French - A men's trilby, inside at work and not in a John Hughes film.

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