Thursday, August 28, 2014


I was going through my phone and found pictures of a couple of records shops that used to be local to my old work... When I had a job. Both On The Beat and JBs were on Hanway Street, that dodgy and looking back alley that acts as a short cut from Tottenham Court Road to Oxford Street. It was always handy if you wanted to avoid walking directly past that tasteless giant golden statue of that cunt Freddie Mercury. Anyway. I never went into On The Beat, well no, I did but it was during one of my 'what's the fucking point' phases so the flicking was heavy going and any kind of appraisal of the stock (which judging by the window was re-pro heavy) or owner would be unfair. Always looked authentic and right now I am kicking myself under my crayon stained and fork stabbed farmhouse styles pine kitchen table because right now I am back in the game to the point where a cardboard box on the floor at the back of Help the Children looks a lot like it might have some gold in it.

JB's... John Bonham? Jon Bon Jovi? Judas Briest? ...Sigh, it's going to have been James Brown related isn't it? 'For Goodness Sakes, take a look at those cakes'. Nothing like being obvious. James fucking Brown, anyway JB's was always a bit 'Meh'. I went in once due to something in the window that again turned out to be a repress. Lots of that business. Anyway, both gone now but whatever. The real reason for going down Hanway street was never the record shops, it was the illegal drinking establishment that used to open stupid late midweek. Not sure if that's gone or not, my ability for spastical midweek drinking activities certainly has.

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