Tuesday, August 14, 2012


 So what makes Boscombe's very own Red Rose Records worth a visit? Well if you are a fan of Victorian architecture in the shape of scandalously undersubscribed ornate shopping arcades you could argue the stores facia alone is worth the trip (Not dissimilar to a certain Leeds record shop of yesteryear). You could also pop along to cruise the racks, see what your fingers can find: Theres was a nice copy of Ash Ra featuring Rosi on the wall and a reasonably priced UA pressing of Can's 'Monster Movies' if you are interested in that kind of thing...

The other reason you might want to visit Red Rose Records... Or indeed steer clear of it entirely is that it appears to be haunted:

Now an honest to god supernatural Record Store is a first for me. In the world of Sit-Com pitches, yes it's niche but I'd rather see it green lit than pretty much anything else that comes to mind (Sex in the City remade entirely with talking pigs aside). It could be haunted by the former owner who has a distaste for any format other than Vinyl or a ghost obsessed with that Virginia Astley album. It would be called 'Spooky Tunes' and the theme would be 'There's A Ghost In My House' but not the Fall version because it's shit.

Anyway. I didn't see anything but then again in a record shop environment I am usually so 'in the zone' on my quest for vinyl completion that if you aren't black, 12inches and made of plastic you don't exist. The above picture is from their website and the following is a link to not only photographic footage but also video evidence:


So if you fancy combining two hobbies, record shopping and a spot of Sarah Greene inspired Ghost Watching (minus the frightened kid hanging himself because he thought it was real) then get on the bus to Boscombe.


  1. A nice little shop, some great T-shirts aswell + noticed they are now selling Clear Groove record cleaner which is my weapon of choice for cleaning old LP's! - Jake

  2. My weapon of choice for cleaning records is ghosts.

    It is a nice shop Boscombe is surprisingly blessed in the record shops dept.

  3. It's called Rose Red Records btw... there's a clue in your photo!

    I fell prey to the same error when trying to google it. ;-)