Monday, September 28, 2009


As the leaves fall, the clocks turn and we bid farewell to yet another Summer a wasted my journey into 'The Blues' begins in earnest and has already pulled up what can only be described as double fucking awesome or DFA for short.

Aparently in an attempt to make Muddy Waters (And Howlin' Wolf) more relevant to 'the kids' Chess records 'suggested' they make electric/psych albums. Muddy's was called 'Electric Mud' something I am yet to hear and currently trying to get a copy of... 'After the Rain' is what followed. According to various sources this still holds much of the previous album's appeal but isn't such an obvious move in a new and for the artist unwanted direction. Muddy went on record as describing 'Electric Mud' as 'Utter shit'.

The best way of desctribing 'After The Rain' is that it's like somebody just showed me behind the Royal Trux curtain, where they got some of their magic. It's sloppy, dirty and at times completely unexpected, take the cello on the opening track... At least I think it's a cello. Either way what you have is a sound that has transcended it's 1969 recording to become a pillar in on which some of the better bands of the past twenty years have built their reputations. John Spencer of John Spencer Blues Explosion for example, must have been playing this in the studio when 'Orange' was recorded.

What really grabs me about this record say compared to some of his more readily recognized blues work is that he has the blues for a very different reason here, he's cornered, sounds like he's not enjoying himself, unsure of the new sound. He sounds tired but amazing.

I picked it up on a swift visit to Notting Hill's Music and Video, exploring a corner of the shop I that only a month ago I would have passed by without as much as a glance.

I saw 'After the Rain' before and always thought 'Why is Muddy Waters naked from the waist down and holding a frog', well now I guess I know, because after recording this album he can pretty much do whatever the fuck he likes.

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